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Adams has served on the AIGA national board three times, and was AIGA Los Angeles president.

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When using text in layouts, graphic designers collaborate closely with writers, who choose the words and decide whether the words will be put into paragraphs, lists, or tables. More…

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Forget the 3 year, 5 year and 10 year records. More…

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Good Creative Directors know how to maximize the potential of their teams. All major work is filtered through them and they have the ultimate say on the direction of the creative, specific artwork used, how the tasks are split up and more. They also manage a good deal of the client relations. Meetings, planning, phone calls, emails, lunches, dinners, long flights and presentations fill the time of the Art/Creative Director, which some love while others long for the days when they could spend their time in front of Photoshop. The Creative Director position is a precarious one. Often, they get the praise when a project goes right, even if they haven’t really designed a single thing.

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Good Creative Directors know how to maximize the potential of their teams.

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